Configure cluster of sidecars

When using sidecars, do I have to assign configuration to each sidecar node independently? What if I have 100 servers with sidecars? Do I have to manually configure each new node added to a cluster? On the other hand, is there a way to group sidecars to apply specific configuration? We deploy via ansible so I can deploy targeted configuration to sidecars machines, any specific part of Graylog-sidecar configuration that can be helpful in my case?

PS. By configuration I also mean Beats configuration.

We use Graylog v3.1, Sidecar 1.1

Hey @roman.potato

If the sidecar/s is installed then you would see all the nodes appear in Sidecar Overview. Let’s say there all Winlogbeat shippers, You can attach one Sidcar (winlogbeat) configuration to 100 remote nodes. This would be done under Collectors Administration Section.

@gsmith what I meant that I will need to select these 100 instances in UI to apply configuration to them. Which is not great but ok when cluster is static. But then I would need to repeat that process every time we add new nodes to the cluster. Obviously we will forget about it.