Concat Pipeline functions causes party gorilla

I have Graylog 3.0.2 version installed and when I attempt to create a pipeline rule with the “concat” method, it automatically redirects to the Party Gorilla Page Not Found Error. I have no idea why this is happening. The Graylog logs show nothing, nor the MongoDB logs. I tried enabling DEBUG/TRACE in the logs but I couldn’t see any reference to the rule or the notfound error. Any help would be appreciated.

An example rule is:

rule "test concat"
let concat_rule = concat("one","two")

As soon as I add the closing parantheses it forward to page notfound.

This did not happen in Graylog 3.0.1, as that was where the rule was originally created. And it’s fine after upgrade. But if I create a new rule in 3.0.2 with concat, the error occurs. I am uncertain if it occurs in 3.1 but cannot upgrade to it due to how you guys changed the Alert logic. So any help would be appreciated.

Hello, try to post complete pipeline rule, not the fragment. What do you try to concat? 2 strings or string + variable, or 2 variables?

dear @estein9825

I can understand that if you have a problem you want an answer fast - but posting the same question at different locations does not help.

For reference @estein9825 opened also a bug report:

Sorry. I wasn’t sure where to post it to.

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