Complete novice needs help with setting up filters / query


I am a complete novice when it comes to Graylog. I have just been given access to a dashboard and I want to set up filters / queries.

I have an idea what to do but need help with the language / syntax.

I need to create many filters with machines that use - in their names.

The machines are in OU’s on AD based on model and the asset tags we use in college. These OU’s can contain upto 20 machies


When it add the names into a filter the second part of the names is red

HP840 then red - and red number.

I need to create a filter like hp840-78260 OR hp840-78278 OR etc…for upto the 20 devices.

If i can get an example then I can just copy the filter and edit the machine names.

I hope i have explained myself enough…

Many thanks


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When you are executing a search, special characters have to be escaped so searching for HP840-78260 would be HP840\-78260

I think that is what you are looking for… ?

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