Collectors option isn't displayed in the web interface


The “Collectors” option is not displayed within the “System” menu of the Graylog web interface. The collector-sidecar plugin is inside the default plug-in directory defined in the server.conf file. (/usr/share/graylog-server/plugin/)

I’ve tried restarting graylog-server and sidecar collector services, but the “Collectors” option still does not appear.

I noticed that the problem may be related to the fact that Graylog does not install the downloaded plugins in the default directory.

I am with version 2.2.1 installed which is the same version of the plugins that exist in the default directory. My server is a virtual machine running Ubuntu 16.04.

I wonder if there is a way to fix this problem, or if there is any graylog-server configuration that can be done so that you can use the collector-sidecar on the web interface.

Greetings and excuse my spelling errors.

Hey @crisleylinhares,

the collector-plugin ships with every Graylog installation by default. Your explanation sounds to me like you downloaded the plugin from it’s GitHub repository and placed it in the plugin folder. Is that correct?

There is no configuration that needs to be done to activate the plugin.

Could you please post your logfile /var/log/graylog-server/server.log? The best way would be restarting your Graylog instance and looking for the line " INFO [CmdLineTool] Running with JVM arguments: […]". But make sure to include about 20 lines before that line, because the plugin load information is stated before the JVM arguments.
This way we’ll be able to see if the plugin has errors or if it is not loaded/recognized.

Greetings - Phil

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