Clues as to why a notification isn't working

I’ve got Graylog 3.1 and I’m using Alerts, as one does. I can see that the alert, as it’s written, is working and showing events and alerts appropriately at the /alerts path.

I’ve got a notification created and associated with the alert. That notification is a simple webhook in to Slack. I can post to that webook with curl, and there don’t appear to be any issues on the Slack end of things.

I read in the 3.0 documents, specifically this promising tidbit (emphasis mine):

Sometimes sending alert notifications may fail for some reason. Graylog includes details of the configured notifications at the time an alert was triggered and the result of executing those notifications, helping you to debug and fix any problems that may arise.

And in fact, the associated screenshot shows amazing potential:

However, looking through the docs for 3.1 (and beyond, for that matter), I don’t see similar references to being able to debug notifications. Is there any current facility for this? I see that there are Graylog streams that log system events for Graylog itself, but there does not seem to be any events that reference alerts, events, triggers or notifications.

I upgraded to 3.3 in anger, and was led to a solution within seconds as a result of the latest version’s helpful callouts when entering a URL to HTTP Post a notification to. Apparently URL whitelisting has been a thing since 3.1.4 and was turned on. Of course the URL that I needed to post to wasn’t on that list.

Such is life. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Note that this isn’t precisely a solution to the exact original question, since this isn’t really explaining how to find out more detailed information about 3.1’s notification failures. To future readers: Just go ahead and upgrade, but do it while :angry:

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