Cloudtrail integration with Graylog

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I need to setup Graylog to parse logs it receives from CloudTrail
Have done the following steps for my account in eu-west -2 but in the grayling stream i can see the us-east-1 logs( in us-east-1 by / null)
– Create SNS Topic
– Create SQS and subscribe to that SNS topic
– Enable CloudTrail Logs and use the SNS topic
– Install aws plugin for graylog.
– Create IAM User and attach the relevant Policies to that user
Configure Graylog plugin to use the user access key and secret key
can someone please let me know if i have missed any step.

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Have you read and followed the instructions in the Graylog AWS Plugin README?

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Yes I have read and followed all the instructions mentioned in the README but still no luck. Do i have to check anything else which can help me to troubleshoot this issue.

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The graylog server is configured in the management VPC. VPC peering is configured between the mgmt vpc and my vpc. The SNS and SQS is configured in the mgmt vpc.

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