Chown /var/spool/collector-sidecar/nxlog fails: no such file

Hi, all,

Trying to follow the guide to install a Graylog Sidecar, I wind up getting stuck on the step to “unconfigure the default system service” for NXlog, specifically:

$ sudo chown -R nxlog.nxlog /var/spool/collector-sidecar/nxlog
chown: cannot access ‘/var/spool/collector-sidecar/nxlog’: No such file or directory

The collector-sidecar keyword (i.e. not graylog-sidecar as it seems to be properly called as of the new, baked-in version) makes me wonder if this is a leftover from the previous versions of the guide and so if it is still necessary to chown -R nxlog.nxlog some .../nxlog file or directory, only the updated path isn’t in the new guide?


(It seems like this might be a necessary step, as it is one of the steps meant to take nxlogout of the control of the system - my collector just failed, saying it “can’t restart since another instance is already running”.)

I’ve gotten it up and running again, after making sure that the service is started using systemctl start graylog-sidecar and not graylog-sidecar -service start, and it now seems like it’s working.

The /var/spool/collector-sidecar/nxlog directory appears to have contained the configcache.dat file, which according to the NXLog reference manual should be located in the /var/spool/nxlog directory (which I think was “owned” by nxlog.nxlog from start).

Maybe the main issue for me was starting the service in a faulty way, causing it to not be recognized by the sidecar. I have opened a GitHub issue to fix the corresponding docs and remove the $ sudo chown -R nxlog.nxlog /var/spool/collector-sidecar/nxlog step to avoid future confusion for newcomers.

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