Change to /system/cluster/stats/mongo?

Hi there

I just upgraded to 2.4.6 and for the first time in ages ran a script I had been working on for detecting outages/etc in graylog. I used “localhost:12900/system/cluster/stats/mongo” to check to see if mongodb was working.

Anyway, now it appears I’m being asked to do HTTP Basic auth (that was mentioned in the release notes for 2.4.6) - but now it’s returning ““server_status”:null” whereas it used to return ““server_status”:available”

Was that intentional? It’s made the API not as useful



Make sure that the MongoDB user account used by Graylog is allowed to run the serverStatus admin command.
See for details.

That is the problem. But what role is needed for that? The only references I can find imply the username that graylog uses has to have full admin perms for the entire mongodb server, surely it doesn’t need that?

The MongoDB user needs to have the serverStatus privilege.

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