Change {message.timestamp} to another timezone


My Graylog Server is configured to send telegram messages based on some count of firewall drops received. I have one question:

Is it possible to change the {message.timestamp} variable to another timezone? (in my case, America/Cuiaba, Brazil = -4:00

My Telegram notification has these parameters:

${foreach backlog message}


The messages received show {message.timestamp} in UTC timezone
In this example


Full message:

Firewall Drops

RTR-FW-NNN-NNN-01: DROP >> GERENCIA-A96: in:v2701-PE out:v3096-Gerencia-A96 
src-mac b8:69:f4:09:49:ca, proto TCP (SYN),>, len 52


But I would like to show the message with correct time received, that was at 10:10 (-4:00) instead of 14:10 (UTC)

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