Can't update a content-pack

I created a content pack to distribute pipeline rules to the various clusters I have. I updated some of the rules, so I figured I could just update the revision number, upload that everywhere, and be all set.

I was able to upload the new content pack, but when I select “Install” from the Actions list on the new revision I get a 500 error. In the server logs I find the following error:

Caused by: org.graylog2.contentpacks.exceptions.DivergingEntityConfigurationException: Different pipeline rule sources for pipeline rule with name "upload"

The whole point is that I want to update the source for the “upload” pipeline rule.

Is there a way to update an existing content pack, or do I have to uninstall the existing one and install the new revision?

I’m running Graylog 3.1.4+1149fe1 on both the source and destination servers.

he @reshippie

that sounds like a bug, did you mind opening a bug report?


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