Can't receive any logs from Palo Alto

I defined a syslog UDP Input with Port 5241 On gray log , and then on PaloAlto i defined the name and IP of my graylog server and set the same port 5241 , and setup a log forwarding rule
but still not receiving any thing on graylog input
Any help?

Good morning, instead of Syslog try Raw to see if you get data. Thank you, Zach.


i changed it to Raw and received some data the problem is it’s like this with no useful Info Palo|690x194

Good morning, at least in my case, I had to use Raw for a source that did not support one of the RFCs of Syslog that Graylog supports. RFC 5424 and RFC 3164 from Ingest syslog — Graylog 4.0.0 documentation

I was not able to change how my source sent the info, maybe you will have better luck.

To make it usable I would have had to do something with rules, pipelines, streams, etc… I did not put that time into it. I just kept it at Raw and created a few alerts to pull out items of interest.

Thank you, Zach.

ok Dickinsonzach,
Thanks for your time and consideration

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