Can't find message's index in notification

I use Graylog 3.3.8 and I’d like to send slack notifications with the permalink.
To do so I want to build this string

${foreach backlog message}https://my_domain/messages/${message.index}/${}

I’ve read this documentation Alerts — Graylog 3.3.8 documentation and found “index” in the backlog section!

But when the slack notification is sent, I receive this error message

That is suspicious because is working

How can I get an index from the message to create permalink?

Try to use correct format ${message.index} so $ before {

I wrote in correct format, but for some reason ‘$’ was hidden on this site

Also I put ${message} here (it’s forbidden to upload txt files)
to show that index property is not presented.


Just chiming in, awhile back I want to do this. I tried your notification configuration out. This works great. Just want to say thanks :slight_smile:

--- [Event Definition] ---------------------------
Title:       ${event_definition_title}
Description: ${event_definition_description}
Type:        ${event_definition_type}
--- [Event] --------------------------------------
Timestamp:            ${event.timestamp}
Message:              ${event.message}
Source:               ${event.source}
Priority:             ${event.priority}
Alert:                ${event.alert}
Timestamp Processing: ${event.timestamp}
Timerange Start:      ${event.timerange_start}
Timerange End:        ${event.timerange_end}
Stream URL:           ${event.stream_name}          
${if stream_url}Stream URL: ${stream_url}${end}

${if backlog}
--- [Backlog] ------------------------------------
Last messages accounting for this alert:
${foreach backlog message}${message.index}/${}
User:             ${message.fields.TargetUserName}
WorkStation Name:  ${message.fields.WorkstationName}
Event Time:       ${message.fields.EventReceivedTime}
Source:           ${message.source}
Logon Type:       ${message.LogonType}
---[backlog end]---------------------------------

And I received this.

Glad to hear it helped you!
Which version of graylog do to use?

Just use online editor to format code correctly using ```code``` and read FAQ how to post comments:

Thanks, I’ve edited the comment, looks good.

Do you post only extract of your message template? Because I don’t see ${end} of forearch loop.

${foreach backlog message}https://my_domain/messages/${message.index}/${}${end}

There is a full template

Alert Description: ${check_result.resultDescription}
Date: ${check_result.triggeredAt}

${if backlog}Last messages accounting for this alert:
${foreach backlog message}https://my_domain/messages/${message.index}/${}

${end}${else}<No backlog>

I don’t know if the message in same line as if can’t create problem, try to format it in separate line as:

Alert Description: ${check_result.resultDescription}
Date: ${check_result.triggeredAt}

${if backlog}
Last messages accounting for this alert:
${foreach backlog message}
${else}<No backlog>

No, without ${message.index} part everything is working. I attached screenshot above where your can see that index not exists in message object. I can use message.source,, message.message, but not message.index, because it is not there.

Maybe it’s problem with slack notification. Did you try to use same notification template with Email notification?

I can’t check because I use graylog 4.0.

Maybe it’s been already fixed in newer version of 3.3 (latest is 3.3.12):

Best way to test is to download OVA a configure simple setup and test:

I use Graylog 4.0.6, I just seen you are using slack. My apologies I over looked that.

Good catch! An email notification is working
I’ll try to update to graylog 4.0 and check than

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