Can't delete & change dashboard / widgets


when i try to change/delete something (graylog version 3.0) i get this message:

message on the top:
"Server currently unavailbable
We are experiencing problems connecting tp the Graylog server running on https://XX.XX.XX/api.
Please verify that the server is healthy and working correctly.
You will be automatically redirected to the previous page once we can connect to the server.

…and so on…"

and a redline on bottom:
Error : Request has been terminated Possible causes: the network is offline , Origin is not allowed by Access -Control- Allow -Origin, the page is being unloaded, etc.”

the server is online! i am logged in and can see streams and can create dashboards and add streams to them but i cant delete or change things on the dashboard.

notice: all functions are available with a vpn direct connection

the installation is on a external server in a data center.
i can login via https on that nginx (got this from host/datacenter)
graylog runs on the apache (which is working behind the hoster-nginx) and its a http connection.

looks like:

can create but not change:
me > login via https> nginx > connected via http> apache > graylog :9000

full function
me > vpn direct >apache>graylog

is there anyone who had a identical installation or solved this problem with hoster nginx?
i want to work without the vpn connection.

thanks and have a nice day,


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