Cannot read property 'length' of undefined error

Hi all, I’m getting an error when I try to navigate to the metrics section for a node. Any ideas?

Graylog Version? Specific error message or screen shot? did you search the community boards? did you try anything or have any thoughts on your system? any recent changes or upgrades?

Your free help here doesn’t have much to go on.

Graylog 3.2.6
Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined error

New system built two weeks ago

This appears to be related:

Possibly an issue with views. You are running an older version - an upgrade may help.

Hi, apologies for the brevity of my posts but I only had a couple of minutes in between zoom calls yesterday. I tried a different browser (Firefox rather than Chrome) but got the same issue. I’ll update GL and see if that helps.


Hi, updating from 3.2.6 to 3.3.3 resolved this issue. Thanks for the advice.

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I spoke too soon. I’m still seeing this error. Graylog 3.3.3 under Ubuntu v18.04.4., Chrome v84.0.4147.105 on OSX Mojave.

The link I posted talked about being an issue with dashboard/view - you may need to rebuild the dashboard/view…

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