Can I make a pull request?


I noticed there are some open issues with years. I have a suggestion to help with that.

Pull Requests

I take it the DEVS want to have control over their project, but I wonder, if I can help.
Not with code, but with something simple: documentation.

A few days ago I did a pull request for the leading Node.js NPM module for graylog2. It was nothing fancy, I updated the README with some very needed information.

By doing this I saved the devs time and I improved the project. I also saved a lot of future headaches for new users.

A few days ago @jochen pointed me to a really old issue:

After searching, I even think I know where the change should take place:


  • Is there a way to help out the project by doing a pull request for the documentation?
  • If not, is this a viable request? ( to have a PR system implemented ? )


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