Can GL query the Restful API of another product?

So…the Rest API on GL is awesome, and many other products have a similar feature.

It’s it possible to have GL query the Rest API of another product and ingest it as a data stream?

Most everything is a push to GL…but can we make it pull for another source ?

Maybe even just a script in cron job running every 5 minutes? I’m totally guessing here.

All insight is appreciated



Hey @ThomasPowers,

take a look at the JSON path from HTTP API input of Graylog.

By configuring a request to and using the JSON-Path $.*, you get this result:

Sadly, the JSON Input only reads the first matching JSON-Element it finds. But depending on what values you want or how they are structured you can adapt to that (either by selecting a the parent element of the values you want and using a JSON Extactor or by starting multiple inputs that query the values independently).

Greetings - Phil

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additional you might want to create a plugin yourself that does what you need.

The Input Section is able to be extended by plugins without any problems.