Garylog and PRTG API (REST JSON)

Hi All.

I know similar issues have been discussed before, but I couldn’t figure out from priv posts how exactly to get what I want.

I am trying to find the best way to get PRTG channels data into GrayLog. Basically it’s a plain RESTFul API that can return A JSON struct that has an array with a dict entry for each item. So you can have something like:

{ … , “sensors”: [{“id”: “1234”, “name”: “sensor1”, … }, { "id: “1278”, “name”: “sensor2”}, … ]}

What I want is to transform each item into a record in Graylog.

I tried using the JSON HTTP API input but that seems to create only a single record with the first item.

So can anyone explain how to do what I need?



he @orenshani7

you can not do this currently with vanilla Graylog, Personal I would create a scrapper script that reads from the API and push that to Graylog in some way that Graylog can understand the records.

Nested JSON is currently a problem.

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