Browser Capabilities Lookup

It was with great excitement that I noticed the addition of lookup tables. We’ve been using the stream lookup, but this really propels the ability to add lookup values - great job!

Due to reporting requirements we have, I would really like to be able to add some of the browser capabilities lookups using the user agent to our web logs.

I pulled the CSV files from BrowserCapabilities, but the problem is the CSV file provides the regex to match the useragent, not just a direct lookup against a string.

Is there any current capability to add those detail using either stream or lookup tables noting that the lookup will have to be done via regex?

Hej Werner,

maybe this would be possible with a processing pipeline but I think that this is massiv work. Another Idea would build a data adapter for that usecase.

I’m not a developer but as I already found a java lib for that it should be possible.

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