Blank mail when graylog send

Hi , when graylog send some alert to my mail.

it’s blank , i don’t have my stream name and the log. I don’t know why.

Can you help me please ?

When i have a mail


he @gcolmant

what Graylog version are you using?

I use 3.2.2 . it’s not the last version , i upgrade my gralog tomorow.

I have update graylog with no problem , and i have found a solution with the blank message

In subject : [LOG-PIRATAGE]-[{foreach backlog message}{message.source}${end}]

And the message :

--------------------[BRUTEFORCE EN COURS]---------------------------
{foreach backlog message} NOM :{message.source}




Thanks for all

But i have still one question , it is possible to send one mail with many logs ?

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