Backup-elasticsearch (logs)

Hello Graylog Community,

I have to make a backup for my log server, according to the means of my perimeter. I have to do the daily log backup for a period of 4 months! since the logs are stored in elastcisearch I try to make snapchots regularly on my elasticsearch.
I see that graylog is using a specific process to rotate indexes, I see indexes of type graylog_45, graylog_46 …
I want to make backups for each day
example if graylog_45 is the index of the day 2020-11-23, you want a backup_45 just for the graylog_45 index
The problem is that I don’t have have a specific pattern on day yyyy-MM-dd at the time I defined my rotation policy on graylog

Please help.

Hello @Labidi,

I think you will want to look at best practices and processes prescribed by Elasticsearch. There is a mechanism for snapshot backups via the API which might be ideal for your needs. Otherwise, you may run into issues with data consistency.


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