ATT home modem is going to syslog

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finding active connections from ATT dsl modem

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    everything is working fine the way it should…

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how do i locate plex connections? would my att modem have this in there?

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Is your modem a router too, and is it configured to send syslog to your Graylog server? Even so, it depends on your modem/router’s logging settings whether it reports every active connection to the configured syslog server output.

If your modem is logging to your Graylog, perhaps look for traffic over certain Plex-specific ports, or check for plex-related domain names in any outbound URLs, or even look through the Plex-owned IP address space in your destination IP field.

There’s a bit more we need to know about your network to advise you how to find these connections. Perhaps even set up a tcpdump on your router or a device using Plex to see what ports, hostnames, or IP’s it is using, then check your Graylog server for occurrences of those values.

Are you referring to connections to your internal Plex server, or a public one?

connections would be external (ones i would care about), how do you search for anything over a specific port?

Should just be able to do a string search for the port, i.e. “32400”. Can you post a log sample? I can probably help you make sense of the rest of your data too.

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