Assistance with extractors

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Trying to create extractors

2. Describe your environment:

  • OS Information:
    Debian Bullseye

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    Not Appicable

3. What steps have you already taken to try and solve the problem?

Tried to create various regex’s, and use available Groks, but have I have failed.
I can get the first ip address, but I am stumped on the second ip address and the ports.

4. How can the community help?


I am a newbie using Graylog, and would welcome a bit of assistance in extracting fields from the following messages

<129>Jun 13 06:34:34 DrayTek: [DOS][Block][Blocking List][>]


DrayTek: [DOS][Block][Blocking List][>]

The two IP address’s to be stored as new fields hackIp, ispIp for further analysis


<129>Jun 11 14:27:12 DrayTek: [DOS][Block][tcp_flag, scanner=non_syn_ack_rst][>][TCP][HLen=20, TLen=89, Flag=P, Seq=3197, Ack=0, Win=65535]

The two ip address’s and the associated ports

I am using the wizard to try to create the extractor on the input from the draytek, and place the extracted data into new fields

hackIp, hackPort, ispIp ispPort for further analysis



PS is not my isp address :slight_smile:

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Hello Aimee,

Click on the Message > Create extractor then Select extractor Type : Grok Pattern

Then Paste :


Do the same thing with

Grok pattern for this:


it`s important to select “Named Captures Only”



Thanks for the assistance


Since updating to v4.3.2+313b6bc. this grok
and the other one you presented fail to work when tested. The input data format has not changed.
Any ideas why this has occurred?
Attached is a screen shot.

Kind Regards


Hello AimDev,

you have to verify if the fields are still getting extracted, if they are then the extractor is still working.

about the error message, please be sure to load the right message (load another message)

for this search for: “DOS” AND “Blocking List” then click on the message you will see the message-id and and the index