Assigning IP address to Elasticsearch

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Hi, I want to access Elasticsearch instance with Kibana. But I cannot do it because, elasticsearch_hosts property in graylog.conf file is When I try to change IP address with server IP address and save the configuration file, it returns to after graylog-ctl reconfigure command execution.

How can I change Elasticsearch IP address permanently?

(Jochen) #2

By default, Elasticsearch should be listening on the (first) IP address of the virtual machine running the OVA.

You could check this with the following command:

# sudo lsof -i :9200

This being said, the OVA isn’t supposed to be customizable in every dimension. If you want a customizable Graylog setup, you’ll have to install it using another installation method (e. g. using the operating system packages or the Chef/Puppet/Ansible modules).

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I setuped graylog in test platform from the ova and I assigned the IP address to Elasticsearch. But I forgot how I did it.

After a while I setuped graylog in live platform but I cannot assign the IP address to it.

Is there any other solution you can suggest?

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Don’t use the OVA if you want a customizable setup.

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