Ask recommendation about log aggregation tools

Hi all,

Currently i am looking for log aggregation tools that can integrate with Graylog, is there any recommendations for this tools?

Because on the setup we need to centralize logs from some separate environments and we are looking tools for this needs.

Thank you.


he @andreekoy53

you might want to explain what you want to do - because out there are a wide range of tools but each with its own purpose and special use cases

Basicly we needs log aggregator tools that can collect any type of logs from different type of device and from different location. The setup that we want to implement is like picture below.

he @andreekoy53

but that log aggregation is what you normal do in (or can do) in Graylog … depending on the log shipper that could do some of that too.

Any recommendation for log shipping tools that can fit with different type of device? because for the setup i need to collect the logs from many different device (Linux Server, Windows Server, vCenter, Router, Switch and etc)

  • filebeat
  • winlogbeat

to collect files from linux and windows systems plus winlogbeat to get the windows event log.

run syslog input to push vmware and switch/router logs to Graylog.

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