Archive Management

Enterprise 4.2.7
Looking for a better way to manage old archives. We try to keep about a year in our archive folder, when we run into disk space issues we delete the oldest archives. A few things i struggle with:

-I have to scroll to the very end of the list, delete them one by one…this worked well in 3.1 but takes alot of time
-I have noticed old archives get recreated…I have no idea how or why, but when I start looking for the older archives I find some that are still a year old, in come cases ‘created’ ‘a year ago’, but I have also seen old ones created recently
-The biggest problem and the reason I decided to post this, since upgrading to 4.2 a couple of weeks ago the archive screen appears to have issues properly displaying the table. I scroll to the last page, delete the oldest archive, then it somehow refreshes the screen to show me the most current ones, if I set it to display more than the default 20, it seems to struggle to load the table (very jittery) …then i have no idea what order it’s in…sometimes I can click back to the first page and then back to the last page, sometimes that doesn’t work. It’s just very frustrating and makes archive management a pain…
-Is there a better way to delete old archives instead of using the GUI?


Hello @MikeV

It seams this Graylog Server is not working as it should. I need to ask a couple questions.
What Version of Elasticsearch/MongoDb do you have?
Can you show your configuration made for Archiving?

Did you check log files when this occurred? If so what did it show?
How did you perform an upgrade from version 3.1 to 4.2?

When this issue occurs do you monitor the Graylog server for metrics (CPU, RAM, Disk I/O, etc…)? If you do was there any indication of how much resources were being used at this time?

What kind of Browser do you use? Or have you tried a different one then the one your using now? If so do you still get the same outcome?

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