[API] Offset parameter not working with a Graylog in 4.3.8+8c4705e


I was testing the Graylog’s api with an instance of GL 4.3.8.

I used the endpoint /Legacy/Search/Relative/SearchRelative_get_0 (from the GL web API page)

When requesting, the parameter offset is not taken into account.

In the Response Header I got this on a working GL 4.0.10:

But on my GL 4.3.8 I get :
{"Content-Encoding":"gzip","Content-Type":"application/json","Transfer-Encoding":"chunked", "X-Frame-Options":"DENY", "X-Graylog-Node-Id":"xxxxxx","X-Runtime-Microseconds":"77088"}

Does anyone have an idea ?

can you share the full query and possibly a screenshot? Also how does the response header relate? I’m not sure I follow.

One of my GL instance does work as it should:

The endpoint /search/universal/relative does not work.

Test done:

Request 1

query: *any working Lucene request*
range: 0
limit: 1
offset: 0

→ Returns log A (Normal behavior)

Request 2

query: *any working Lucene request*
range: 0
limit: 1
offset: 1

→ Returns log A again (abnormal)

If the offset parameter was taken into account, I should have the next log and not log A again

The instance is running GL 4.3.8.

I tried the same request tests on 3 other instance of GL (4.0.15, 4.3.8, 5.0) and none of those reproduced the bug. I assume the probleme comes from a wrong configuration / parameter on my broken instance but I can’t find it.

I resinstalled graylog and elasticsearch and the problem persists.

I compared the elasticsearch configurations. There was no difference between working and none working instances :frowning:

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