Any professional plugin developer available?

I trying to develop a graylog plugin by myself, but Im running into several problems in the proccess. I want to pay for some help or guidance, to help me identificate what Im doing wrong when setting up my basic plugin.

I’m not a developer, but.
I have seen some information in community about the developing processes.
And if you tell, what is your dream maybe we can talk about that, because maybe you can get a similar plugin, or a workaround.

I am trying to develop a plugin to send SNMP notifications as alerts. There is a SNMP plugin already, but its for receiving inputs.

I have read almos all topics in this community, but, develop has not been an easy task, since official docs do not help either.

My main difficult at this time is to build the jar package, with mvn package . I can build the plugin, import it on plugin folder, it appears on logging, but its options does not appear in the notification section.

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