Announcing Graylog v4.0.0 RC2

We are happy to announce the second release candidate of the upcoming Graylog 4.0.0 release.

Please find the announcement blog post including download links here:

A selection of new features

Here is a selection of new features in the upcoming release. Please see the announcement blog post for more.

Dark Mode

Users can now select between the regular UI colors and a brand new dark mode.

Trusted HTTP Header Authentication

It’s now possible to use a trusted HTTP header for user authentication without installing any plugin.

Disable Users

User accounts can now be disabled (and enabled again) to block access to Graylog.

Sticky Sidebar

Users who prefer a sidebar that is always visible can now choose to enable the sticky sidebar.

Move Dashboard Widgets

Dashboard Widgets can now be moved between different dashboard pages.

Nice list of new features. Move Dasboard Widgets is my favourite…

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Thank for showing details, I havent been able to try it out yet. The moving widgets around was one that I have been waiting for.

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