Alerts & Events. Access to Event Filter search query value in Notification

Actually question in the title of this topic . I need to output Event FIlter search query value in Notification template. We have Event Definition Metadata? Event Data and Backlog - how i could get event search query value?
I have both version of Graylog 2.x and 3.x

I’m not sure I understand your question, could you clarify a bit. Also, are you trying to make this work in both 2.x and 3.x? If possible, you really should sunset 2.x. Also, 4.0 is out.

Anyway… can you clarify your question?

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I need one post for second image

Ahh… I see… I’m not sure the filter/query is exposed for this purpose… could you put it in the description as a workaround? I believe that is exposed via ${event_definition_description} not sure that makes sense.

The other option would be to put in a feature request.

perhaps someone else has some insight as well.

thanks for the answer
Well, it’s a pity, cause i guess graylog 2.x had similar posibility. After all I need this, because I want to build query link to the stream where this event was fired and notification sent, that’s why I need access to filter/query row in the event definition

yeah… I would suggest putting in a request… you are probably not the only one with a use case. Good luck

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