Alert on no incomming source data


Bit of a newb to GL here, I have checked and this question has been asked before but I have been unable to find a workable answer.

After a way to alert if no source data from one of many sources within the last 5 mins or so. Version 3.3.2

Seems like this should work -

Event Definition

  • Filter & Aggregation
  • Filter “hostname:*”
  • Streams “All messages”
  • Search within 5 mins every 5 mins
  • Group by fields - “hostname”
  • Condition - “count() = 0”

I am adding the hostname field successfully via pipeline

Nonetheless, no matter what I tweak this does not work, is there a way or am I flogging a dead horse here? - strikes me that this would be a much requested feature.

Thanks much!

@Sc0th You should configure notification during event configuration. If you share the event summary will help to understand where it struck.

Hi, Thanks for getting back to me, not really sure I follow, I included the event details, screenshots added below, do let me know if I am missing something!

To clarify, it’s not the notification that is a problem, I have that running just fine on other alerts, its the fact that’s not alerting at all.

This cannot be done?

with the Enterprise correlation engine this can be done native in Graylog - but without this would need to be a manual check or you need a tool that make use of the Graylog API to compare the results.

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