After create USER using ReST API Login GUI does not work

Hi guys,
Installed Graylog 3.0.1 OVA (I’m coming from Graylog 2.4.6) and I created a new user with ReST API (/api/users method POST as documented) using Java code.

After that, I cannot enter on Graylog web application any more! I need to restart the application.
Is there something different from the 2.4 version? Because the same works fine on it.

The only errors that I can found on server.log are:

2019-04-09T08:05:31.999Z ERROR [MongoAuditLogPeriodical] Not running cleanup for auditlog entries in MongoDB because there is no valid license.
2019-04-09T08:34:17.131Z ERROR [AuditLogger] Unable to write audit log entry because there is no valid license.

I just download the OVA and installed it on Linux VM.

Moreover I don’t found the graylogCtl command. Is there a new one?

What about my issue?

AFAIK nothing has changed on that. But I didn’t know, because I did not use that from a CLI only via the GUI.

If you mind sharing what you do exactly it might be possible to reproduce and check if that is an error or on purpose. Means - provide an example including commands you run.

I just use to execute a post.

unlike version 2.4, in version 3.0.1 I noticed that it is necessary to add the X-Requested-By attribute
to the request header. Without it I have a ReST authentication exception.

Is there a particular value I have to use? I used the empty value

conn.setRequestProperty("X-Requested-By", "");

It works because the user is created correctly, but after that I cannot access to the WebApplication

the value need to be given - and should not be empty. But you could use bindfort 300 or whatever you like.

Thanks a lot

It seems working now

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