Adding more space to the OVA appliance

Hi everyone,

I hope this isn’t a trivial FAQ kind of a question; Here’s my challenge:

I would like to add more space to the OVA appliance; the OVA comes pre-configured with 15G of disk space and I would like to have a disk around 400G or so where I can accumulate more logs data and keep it accessible (instead of archive it off-disk so to speak).

Is there an easy way to expand the OVA appliance without any heroics?

If yes would you please point me in the right direction to do this?

Thank you

Hej B

Please look at the documentation where this is covered.

Additional please note that it is not recommended to run the ova in Production.

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Thanks @jan I got it; super easy. Thank you. If I may ask: why is it NOT recommended to run the OVA as a production appliance? Is there something about the OVA which I’m missing? My experience has been excellent even with the earlier releases…


I’ll just point to the documentation again - just to have it said.

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