Adding a second disk

Hello ,

I want to add a second disk to my graylog server.
And this disk will be used to store all the data.

if you have any documentation or tips to add to my disk.

I am assuming you want to move just the Elasticsearch data - the placement of that is defined in the elasticsearch.yml file - here is a high view post on how to do it

You can get a clear picture of what is in your elasticsearch.yml file with this command

cat /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml | egrep -v "^\s*(#|$)"

specifically you are looking to change:

Thanks for your response i will check that.
And sorry for the delay of my reply.

No worries, Let us know how it goes!

That’s good, thank you.

If elasticsearch refuses to start or restart, you must give rights to your path.
When you change for your new path you have to chmod a+rwx your new path because without that elasticsearch can’t store data in that path.

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I just noticed the chmod permissions

If I’m correct you gave Read/Write/Execute Permissions on that directory to everyone? For production and security may want to fine tune that. Just a thought.

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