Accessing greylog through a remote browser window

I am remote accessing an Ubuntu server with SSH where rsyslog and apache logs are being stored for a project. I have jdk, elasticsearch, and MongoDB installed on the server and downloaded graylog as well and tried to correctly configure the configuration file, setting the root email and http bind address with port 9000 and restarted the service. Using xming server :0.0 I can open a firefox window and try to go to the bound address and port but the request times out. Any suggestions how I might access graylog through the xming firefox interface? Am I doing something wrong with the configuration or X11 forwarding?

he @Enginunity

you did not share your Graylog version and your configuration. But you would only forward your localport to the remote machine port where graylog is running.

No need of any kind of xserver or firefox on the remote server …

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