Access data from a java program

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I’m currently working on a way to get data from messages sent to Graylog and use them on a java program.
I can’t find any documentation or answer to even know if this is possible.

Does anybody have an idea?

(Konrad Merz) #2

I am sorry but I can’t understand your question.
Can you please explain what you are trying to achieve?

(Imacutekayx) #3

I try to get the messages sent to Graylog to use them in some machine learning program.
I want to be able to take messages sent to Graylog earlier which contains for exemple temperature informations and use it as data.

(Ben van Staveren) #4

Yes. It’s called “read the documentation” (which you didn’t) - especially the part about the API.

(Imacutekayx) #5

I did but I don’t understand how to implement it in my program.

(Ben van Staveren) #6

Then you’re in the wrong place - we can help with Graylog questions, we can’t teach you how to program.

(Konrad Merz) #7

I think what you are searching for is an Output. You can send data which is coming to an Input and stored to Graylog also redirect to a third party application (hint, your application). Another alternative would be using the API to get messages stored in Graylog.

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