Accept logs using REST

1. Describe your need:

Can graylog accept files sent using REST?

My team wants our remote devices to send error logs. The preferred method is ‘REST’, a less desirable method, per the lead, is ‘scp or something like that’

I’d really like to use a formal logger to catch and handle the input, which will allow us to do interesting things like set alerts on the content,and so on.

Log files generated on error are 150mb in size. These do not happen often, but how often is only a guess at this point.

2. How can the community help?

a. Tell me if graylog can accept logs via REST. A pointer to documentation would be excellent.

b. If not, is there a self-hosted logging solution that can.

c. If you know of something that isn’t a ‘logger’ that would work in this situation, I’m all ears.

Brian Dunbar

Hello && Welcome

I found this post.

Graylog Open Is a self-hosting solution or if you want the Enterprise/Operations version you can.

Ok, I’m not 100% sure how your environment is set or the type of devices but this documentation should help enlighten you.

Thank you very much - that will certainly get me a prototype for the developers to work with.

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