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When I am referring the Forum community to documentation, I used to be able to snag a link to a particular section such as “System Requirements” which is under “Installing” Now I can only provide a link to the “Installing” area and suggest they read down to the relevant section. Am I missing a feature I should be using? ( Is this the kind of stuff you mean?)

Went to clicked on a hyperlink default log configuration file from this page
I received the following.

Also I was unable to find any references/link to archive documentation on the new web site. Is this something that will be removed?

Hi @tmacgbay, I’m happy to answer that. When we migrated to the new platform, our plan was phased. The first part of it is the “lift and shift”, i.e. porting the content from one place to another. The next phase, mind you is a much larger beast to tackle, is to shift the structure around for a better experience. So, efforts to fix the current issues with links are in progress.


That’s a good catch @gsmith. I look into that today, and follow up when fixed. Thanks.

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Hi, @gsmith that is supposed to go outbound to this XML reference: graylog2-server/log4j2.xml at 4.0 · Graylog2/graylog2-server · GitHub. It’s now fixed in the page you posted here. Thanks again.

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