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HI all
I try to set up graylog to control pc on a net I just setup an AD control addon and I find this
Claimsman - solution for logging Windows OS user file accesses to Graylog
to control access to the file but I dont understand what to do to compiling the pack sameone can help to understand? think I need to compile the code and setup more thing … if sameone use and tell me step by step what do

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I don’t understand what you’re trying to solve.

Please elaborate on your use case.

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sorry to translation of my mid is bad :smiley:
on addon tell this

Setup your certificates for signing the driver
Build solution
Package the driver - the provided INF should be informative enough, set the SIDs and file extensions
Package the service
Make sure all configuration options (registry keys) are correct
Mass deploy

to build it need visual studio installed? and to make the package what need?

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You probably should ask the vendor of this piece of software.

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ok tks try send mail hope answer
if a frre addon from market

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