3 différents data- set to 3 différents input-Graylog to 3 differnets ES index with différent préfix

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Is it possible to have 3 indexes elasticsearch (3 perfixe name) for 3 Graylog input (3 different data sets) So I have:

3 Csv datasets:

1 - logs
2 - words
3 - queries

I do a processing of these 3 datasets with 3 different graylog input (amqp gelf).

I would like to know if it is possible to store since Graylog the result of each process in 3 indexes elasticsearch having a different name? eg: using prefixes

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Yes, that’s possible with index sets:

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It’s good newz for me Jochen, thx U
Can I export this configuration to a content pack? to redeploy the set automatically

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No, that’s not possible.

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Really pity :frowning: sniff !!!
is it possible to push this configuration with the graylog API?

thx U

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Yes, you can create index sets, inputs, streams, stream rules, processing pipelines, and pipeline rules via the Graylog REST API.

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Hmmm!!! that good :slight_smile: thx u
At what time or in which interface can I configure my graylog input to write in this or that index (prefixed) elasticsearch?

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Hi @Jochen you need:

1 - create an “index set”
2 - create a stream with a rule to redirect to the “Index-set” that I just created.

That’s right???

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