Zeek on PFSense

I’d like to ingest Zeek logs from my PFSense. I found this content pack (BRO/Zeek IDS Logs) however it is expecting logs to be sent via RSyslog. the problem is, PFsense Zeek doesn’t have RSyslog by default.

Is there a way for Graylog to ingest the Zeek JSON files directly? If not, has anyone configure RSyslog on PFSense to send logs to Graylog?

Hey @icon1307

I think so, after reading these links.


And from here


That is, if you can ship those logs to Graylog.

I’ve shipped the logs to my Graylog server, but I don’t see an Input for Zeek.

Hey @icon1307

You probably wont, Try using Raw/Plain text or something similar


I did a quick search found this

Looks like they are using Syslog_UDP

i think PFsense syslog logs are different from Zeek. Zeek runs as a separate package within PFsense. My pfsense logs are getting ingested into Graylog via syslog, but Zeek logs are not in there.

Plain/Raw still only had network transfer options (binds to a port, etc). i just want to ingest json files.

Hey @icon1307

Just an FYI i never worked with Zeek until you mentioned it. You could try JSON path value from HTTP API input or perhaps Beats input might work.

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