What does "total connections" of gelf tcp in inputs mean?

(Junfeng Chen) #1

I use a quartz job to send some logs to gelf tcp input sometimes. I create some gelf tcp transport to send data, and close them after sending. However I found the active connections have been recovered to zero after closing but the total connection keep accumulating . So what exactly the “total connections” mean? Does it affect the performance if it is too many?

(Jochen) #2

The “total connections” metric is simply the total number of TCP connections that have been established (and possibly have also been closed) over the lifetime of the TCP input. A high number here is no problem (in contrast to a very high number of “active connections” which would hint to clients not properly closing the opened TCP connections).

(Junfeng Chen) #3

So if I ensure the gelf transport is closed, I don’t need to doubt about “Total connections” ?

(Jochen) #4

If your clients properly close the TCP connections, there’s nothing to worry about.

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