What are your new year resolutions

Happy New Year, Graylog Open Community Members!

I’m glad you’ve joined us in the new year. As we get 2023 underway, what are you resolutions (or goals) for this year? Share them here with other members. They can be resolutions and goals of any type: professional, personal, or community.

One of my personal goals for this year is to attain my goal of reading for pleasure. I spend much of time reading required technical texts, but I’ve typically fallen somewhat short, reading about 50-75% of my projected goal for the last few years (with the exception of 2020 when COVID lockdowns enabled me to exceed my goal that year). For 2023, I’ve adjusted my target to 20 novels, down from 25 last year, and 30 in 2021. Wish me luck!

Hey @dscryber

Im building out my home lab, perhaps travel.

focus more on house projects getting done and finished training courses I am not interested in :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHA I totally undrerstand.

When I say home lab, I basiclly refering to cleaning my other room out to make a entertainment center or I like to call it the CIC, but hey your talking to someone that has coffee in there passanger seat for three months that was suppose to be sent out 3 months ago. :laughing:

Damn the internet… I get sucked in like a millennial… then the day is done!

Happy New Year Community!


Im building out my home lab

wonderful, I want to do that too

When I say home lab, I basiclly refering to cleaning my other room out to make a entertainment center

oh, I understand

i really have an electronics lab and need to clean it up too in 2023 :wink:

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Travel, where, Jeff? Ohio?

Upgrading to Graylog 5 without much hustle :stuck_out_tongue:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I dont know why , but that was really funny to me that day, never forget it @dscryber

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Im actually doing a new build Friday, waiting on Amazon to show up. Had MB crash on me before Chrismas.

Looking to build a nice and decent Log Server which can help to manage a central alert system - again open source.


Yeah, it was a memorable moment among many that week. Greg, if you ever decide to move to Ohio and change you’re name, I, for one, will totally understand.

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Sounds like a good goal, @ramindia . Hey, let us know how it goes!

@HyCyber, we may have some “help” for you (and all community members) in getting there this year!

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