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(Umesh Dc) #1

Getting below error on my graylog servers due to which server is getting slow down.

Below is the cluster configuration,

  • 2 Graylog servers
  • 3 Elasticsearch nodes
  • 1 mongoldb server

Tries to fix by setting nap server on all the graylog machines and mongoDb machine - but no help

Please help us with all possible reasons for this error.

Thanks in Advance

(Jochen) #2

Please add more details about your issue such as the actual message load on your Graylog cluster and the hardware specs of the machines running Graylog, Elasticsearch, and MongoDB.

(Umesh Dc) #3

2 Graylog servers - 2 Core - 4GB Ram - Heap size allocated to graylog is 2GB
3 Elasticsearch servers - 4 Core - 30GB Ram - Heap size allocated to elasticsearch is 15Gb
1 MongoDb - 2 Core - 4GB Ram

I am trying to load with 5000messages/sec with message size of 5KB

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