Wallboard / NOC Display

We use Graylog to aggregate lots of syslogs outputted by lots of network gear and infrastructure.

We then use the alerting feature to pinpoint critical messages which then trigger notifications - this all works really well.

What we are looking to try and achieve is a dashboard / wall board where we have a stream of the logs which we can then display on a large screen.

Currently we have Weathermaps, Grafana Dashboards, and alarms from our icinga monitoring.


currently that is not possible in the way you like - at least what I think you like to have.

But that is on our road and the extended search already gives you that ability a little more. We have that on our close target list to provide the ability to have a NOC Monitor / Dashboard that has value and is usable. But that will not happen in short - more over the next year.

I know some people that have tinkered something uniq for them - but I did not follow that.

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