Virtual Application HTTPS Configuration

Just started working with Graylog last week and have been through the documentation. We are looking to configure HTTPS but having a few issues with it. We are running the OVA in VirtualBox on a Windows 10 host machine.

  1. The documentation states that certs and keys need to be in .pem format but the .conf file placeholder shows .crt and .key for the Rest API

  2. If we edit the .conf file, using sudo vim graylog.conf, to point the Rest API towards our cert and key, from what I understand we need to run a reconfigure to start Graylog with the new settings, but when we look back at the .conf, our edits are gone after the reconfigure. We did not see a graylog-ctl command to set these values.

  3. There are no entries in the .conf file where we can configure the Web certs and keys, only the Rest API has entries.

We are pretty new to this but we just don’t quite understand where to go from here even with reading the documentation. Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hej @tspillman

as you run the OVA the only option to modify settings is via Graylog CTL ( ) or the settings in /etc/graylog/graylog-services.json.

If you need more customization, you should install your very own Graylog installation.

Thanks for the info! I’ll start the install process today.

As for the HTTPS configuration, I am still a little confused about whether it requires the .pem format or .crt and .key as shown in the placeholders of the config file.

maybe this little script gives you some more information as you can see the commands at the end.

the file ending is nothing to care about in the linux world - do not look for that, look at the content of a file.

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