Using Graylog as a SIEM

Currently we have a SIEM and then we send the alerts through Graylog SideCar to Graylog. We aren’t happy with the SIEM. I am interested if anybody uses Graylog as their SIEM. If so how do you get pre-canned correlations like you would in a SIEM? Also how does it stay updated. Also I am having a hard time deciding between Wazuh as more of a HIDS or FileBeats. Wazuh can collect event logs and can also do other stuff. FileBeats/NXLog doesn’t seem to be a HIDS. What would the solution be for the client side? Setup Wazuh manager and then use Graylog SideCar to grab the logs? I just see Graylog pushing themselves as a SIEM more and more. I would like to know how to get there, or how other users have gotten there.

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