Use the API to query for the source IP (g2_remote_ip) over a specified timeframe

To ensure that source devices have sent logs during a relative timeframe, I would like to query the API for a list of message source IPs rather than get results from the Source field. It appears that the gl2_remote_ip field is available for this information. However, GET /sources is the only current API option to query for this type of information.

The results are often a mix of hostnames and IPs on our system, depending on the configuration of the source device, and I would like a consistent output. I am guessing that replacing the Source field with gl2_remote_ip as logs are received in a pipeline places additional resource overhead on servers, so it is not my preference.

Is there a way to query the API for gl2_remote_ip in this way, or should this question be an API Development feature suggestion?

Why not normalize the source to hold ip’s or hostname? That would be my first idea to have it consistent in your environment …

That would also allow you to use the already given API - because that is the most easy solution.

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