Uploading content packs using chef


I was wandering if anyone has experience with chef and would be willing to help.

I wanted to upload content packs using chef and not sure how to do it properly. Thing worth mentioning, that we have several graylogs using same recepe and different roles for each graylog. Any information is highly appreciated :pray:

One of my technicians uses Chef all the time with our Graylog environment. I would ask him about this BUT he off till Monday :frowning: . If no one has responed to this post until then, I’ll ask him Monday for you and see what he says. Sorry I cant be more help.

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@gsmith that would be amazing :bowing_man: I have been off myself, so not much progress on this matter

What is your GL version?
Are you using a single node or cluster?
Chef version your using?

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Graylog: 4.0.5
Single node, but cluster configuration will be deployed very soon
Chef: 17.7.32

Just started brainstorming and I come up with many ways to manage content packs with chef, not sure which one is the best, with data_bags? with just files described in role? @gsmith this info would be amazing

Also sharing how you wrote recipe where you import content packs would be super valuable

After more investigation, noticed that managing content packs with chef is very unpractical due to the fact that every change would require a new commit and graylog tracking is not that important in our infrastructure, so backing content packs up is better way to approach this, thank you for the help!

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