Two Front end servers for Graylog for same backend

Can we have two Web front servers setup pointing to same Graylog-core and Elasticsearch?
I can then configure different LDAPs for web1 and web2. So that I am authenticated to Graylog from two different LDAP servers from different domain.

My question is will this IDEA work? please let me know.

this will not work as a Graylog Cluster use the same configuration database.

Ok, can I use same Elasticsearch cluster for two different Graylog servers (each graylog server running on different domain with their own MongoDB setup).

you can run them using the same elasticsearch cluster - but you can’t use the same indices for both. So you can’t search with one in the data of the different graylog server.

If you’re trying to do this in order to support multiple forests within graylog, may I suggest you look at having a “ldap proxy” instead? Configure it to support all your forests and then configure graylog to use that.

Google “openldap proxy” for starters

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