Trying to get data/events directly from a third-party application database

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I’m assuming this is metric in the SQL server?

Graylog receives data, as for getting a connection to a SQL data base you may need something like Zabbix. Grafana, LibreNMS, etc…

Depends, if you execute a dump I don’t know how the log shipper can read those tables in the .sql file.

If the SQL server in questioned is on Windows OS then I would use something like MetricBeat and/or Winlogbeat depending what data you want to trend. I have actually had old dump log files and used Nxlog to scan the whole file and send it to Graylog. Most Beat/Nxlog shipper have setting to scan log files from the beginning.

With all that being said, take a look at these posts.

The last link towards the bottom page tells in a brief description about ODBC, perhaps that maybe of interest.

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